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Unique Cans by Unique Artists

As expected, Montana Colors was also the pioneering spray paint brand to have the idea to create limited edition spray cans. Internationally renowned graffiti and street artists collaborate with us independently or by means of other brands, creating new spray can designs that in turn become collectible pieces of art. These limited edition cans have brought the style and personality of dozens of artists such as Os Gemeos, Seen, Shepard Fairey, Sento, Dare, Aryz and Keith Haring to the spray paint format.

The Spray Paint of The Future

The Water Based family comprises a group of water-based paint products which includes spray paints, markers and paints. The cornerstone of this range of tools are the MTN Water Based aerosols which are available 300 and 100 ml formats and represent a revolution in the field of spray painting, both because of its safer and more versatile formulation and for the quality of its pigments.
MTN Water Based 100 is an ideal product for didactic uses and it may be purchased in color packs, thus offering a lowering unit price.

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