Featured writer - Again

Henk KramerDec 4, '20

Another household name in the Amsterdam graffiti scene, and most likely the cities most hardcore bomber ever: Again.He has been hitting the streets hard since the early 80's. "As a kid, I was fascinated by the power and brutality of the written word on the street. Political slogans, poetic texts and...

Featured writer - Moon

Henk KramerNov 24, '20

If you've ever been to the beautiful city of Amsterdam in the last 30 years we are pretty sure you came across some pieces or tags from one of the city's most prolific writers: Moon. Started bombing in 1987 and never looked back. He painted an amazing amount of walls, trains and especially Amsterdam subways over the years. His main focus was on rolling steel for many, many years, but today also enjoys to paint big burners on walls. 

Order customized jackets and sneakers from Swase at Henxs

Henk KramerNov 24, '20

In the 80s / 90s people walked around wearing jackets with graffiti on them, one coat was even more crazy than the other. From now on it is possible to custom order these jackets at Henxs. How dope is that, your name in graffiti style on your jacket. If you prefer to have your sneakers customized instead of a jacket, that's also possible. So let's give the street scene more color and style, pimp this stuff.Want to order a customized jacket or pair of sneakers? Drop us an email at

Interview with MTN Shop Amsterdam

Henk KramerNov 5, '20

Welcome to the first interview of the Montana Shops series: a monthly chance to get to know the people and the stories behind the Montana Colors Shops. Each conversation will reveal the soul of the stores as we find out who is behind these social hubs of graffiti and street artists...