Tools for professionals

It’s never been easier to achieve a professional finish

Montana Colors takes its experience in spray paint technology to new fields, where effectiveness and ease of use of this particular format is needed.

Under the name MTN PRO, we present a new line of aerosols that encompass a wide range of paints, varnishes and special products for professional uses such as DIY, crafts, industrial, automotive or nautical maintenance, thus completing the MTN product portfolio.

To organize the wide range of aerosols that are found in the MTN PRO line, we have ordered them according to the following categories:


Glitter Varnish
Decorative varnish with glitter. Quick drying and suitable for indoor use.

Acrylic Varnish
Ultra fast-drying, acrylic resin-based varnish.

Canvas Varnish
Fast drying varnish and available in different finishes for the protection of oil and acrylic paints.

2K Two Component Varnish
High resistance varnish formulated with two components.

Synthetic Varnish
Ultra fast-drying synthetic varnish.

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Decoration & Handicrafts

Fluor Paint
Fluorescent paint available in three colors that reacts to black light.

Erasable Chalk Paint 400
This water-based paint of a plaster composition is easily erasable.

Metallic Paint
Long-lasting, resistant metallic paint that is available in several colors.

Luminous Paint 400
Luminous paint that, when charged with light, glows in the dark. It also reacts to black light.

Matt Fixative
Fixative Lacquer ideal for artistic techniques such as pastel, charcoal, pencil or graphite.

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Plastic Primer
Colorless primer for all types of plastics.

Gesso Primer
Primer that converts surfaces such as canvas, wood or cardboard, into perfectly prepared canvases for the application of paint by means of painterly techniques such as oil or tempera.

Matt White Base Primer
White, high coverage acrylic paint that serves as a primer coat.

Anti Rust Primer
Anticorrosive primer for metals.


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