Molotow One4all 227HS -4mm- Basic Marker Set 2 - 6 pack


SKU: Molotow One4all 227HS - Basic Set 2 - 6 pack

The set includes 6 x ONE4ALL 227HS 4mm (character colors) and is supplied in a clearbox packaging with product information on the front-, back- and inside.

Next to high-value applications and artworks (mixed media) the ONE4ALL acrylic color system is ideal for the design of ornamental items on nearly all surfaces. Quality restrictions and a loss of color characteristics might appear when using unclean or wrongly prepared surfaces. Generally a previous check of the color on the chosen surface at a discreet place is advisable.

Please note that absorbent, flexible and uneven surfaces are naturally more unsuitable for paintings than smooth and unabsorbent surfaces.