MTN Water Based Paint Marker 15mm


SKU: MTN MARKER Water Based Carbon Black 15mm

MTN Water Based Markers are highly versatile water-based paint markers. They are suitable for practically all types of surfaces, and the unlimited ways in which they can be applied depends solely on your imagination.

Available in different tip formats. 0.8, 1.2, 3, 5, 8 and 15 mm, in a range of 20 paint colors with the following characteristics: perfect coverage, quick drying and total adherence within 24 hours (depending on the surface).

The WB Square is the widest marker in the Water Based marker range with a rectangular tip of 15 x 10 mm. This model is perfect for filling, painting, drawing, decorating, marking and outlining on larger surfaces such as canvas, plastic, metal, glass, and heavy weight paper. These refillable markers are compatible with the rest of the Montana Colors Water Based range products. They can also be used on fine arts quality acrylic paints and are compatible with the MTN 94 and Hardcore spray paints.

Instructions for use:
  1. Before use, shake the marker vigorously (with the cap on) so that the mixing balls mix the paint.
  2. Purge the tip on a surface several times until it is wet with paint.
  3. After use, remember to store it with the cap on.