Art Print - Planet Zender


SKU: print-planet-zender

Limited edition high quality Glicee print by Zender.

Planet Zender - 71 x 71 cm

Limited to 15 prints, only 6 left!

"I was never that good with perspective so for this exhibition I tried to master this skill. 'Let the good times roll' with an isometric perspective (an ode to my skateboard past) and 'Planet Sender' with a 3 points perspective. Both were sold as limited run Giclée prints and  I also sold the originals drawings that were in black and white.
I drew and inked these by hand and when finished they were filled with some old-school cut and paste halftone rasters. The color was done in the computer."

"This one is a tribute to my skateboard past. The colors remind me of Jim Phillips and his awesome Santa Cruz skateboard designs. Also featured is the Powel Peralta 'Bones brigade' video poster, with 'The search for Animal Chin' this was one of the first movies that made a huge impact on me as a kid."