A Versatile and Easy-to-use Tool

Montana Colors' effort to offer a top quality spray paint at the best price has led these products to be appealing within other creative fields beyond graffiti. The fact that they are easy to use, and above all, the variety of finishes and colors available, makes MTN spray paint a valid tool for any artistic job, and once you’ve tried it, it will be an essential.

Mtn94 400ml Hardcore 400ml Nitro 2G 500ml
Megacolors 600ml
MadMaxxx 750ml

MTN 94
is probably the most versatile aerosol on the market. Thanks to its extensive color range and quick drying ability, it is an suitable tool for practically any type of creative work that requires a matt finish.

The format that revolutionized the graffiti world continues to undergo constant evolution in order to fulfil the market’s demands. Thanks to Montana Colors’ experience in the field, Hardcore comprises maximum aerosol paint development, making it one of the best performing gloss spray paints on the market.

Nitro 2G Colors
Presenting the technology of Nitro 2G in a larger format. On top of being a 500 ml format, fast-drying paint that has great coverage, Nitro 2G is also available in 10 different colors.

Mega Colors
are the evolution of the classic Montana Colors Mega can. This paint possesses practically the same properties as Hardcore but comes in a 600 ml format. That translates not only to a greater quantity of paint, but also to a more powerful spray output that projects a much wider outline due to its valve system.

is a powerful 750 ml spray paint that blasts out a chiseled line of about 25-30 cm wide.

Designed to fill large surfaces at high speed, it can also be used to paint enormous sized typography.

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K 750
Man Pocket Water Based 300ml Water based 100ml

is a Montana Colors spray paint developed in collaboration with the renowned New York marker and ink brand, KRINK. The valve and formula release a powerful shot that makes it possible to spray from a distance of over one meter away from the wall.

A pocket-sized spray paint available in several colors.

Water Based 400
is a revolutionary water-based paint spray. Its handy 400 ml format and its low odor, make it the perfect tool for studio or indoor work. In addition and due to its composition, it is an incredibly versatile paint that may be utilized with various techniques.

Water Based 100
is the miniature version of the revolutionary  Water Based 300. Montana Colors takes a step further in innovation within the aerosol world with a spray paint designed specially for beginners of the technique. Its small size, non-toxic, low odor paint, plus other convenient features, make it the perfect product for introductions into graffiti and street art.

Erasable Chalk Paint 400
This water-based paint of a plaster composition is easily erasable.
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