Mr Serious 18 pack spray can bag


Get ready to do some serious spray painting with the Mr Serious 18-pack spray can bag. This unassuming bag is actually a powerhouse for your biggest creative projects, keeping up to 18 cans safe, secure, and ready for your next masterpiece. With two slide pockets in the flap and six slide pockets for caps, you’ll be sure to stay organized. So grab this black bag and let your artistic juices flow!


Holds enough cans for a big sized production

• Non woven fabric. • Strong 4cm handles.
• Fits 18 spray cans. • Size: 43,5×26,5x22cm.
• 2 slide pockets in flap and 6 slide pockets for caps in bag.

Reason to use: Holds enough cans for a big sized production,
cans won’t tip over if carton boxes are used, bag is discrete
in matt black, can be closed with zip, reusable.