MTN Limited Edition - Maye


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Maye was born in Sète in 1990. Being passionate about drawing,
he first expressed himself on the streets of Montpellier through graffiti, where he has been developing research on lettering since 2004. Influenced by the local scene, he took advantage of each encounter
to continue his learning and succeeded in gaining a foothold among
his peers. A self-taught artist in painting, Maye moved from wall to canvas in 2013. He works on both methods in a complementary way. Painting on canvas allows him to apply the tests he developed on ephemeral media and to start creating his work in a permanent manner.

Unlike a wall, the canvas is made to last, and he takes advantage
of this to imbue it with his taste for detail and storytelling. His work on canvas takes us on a journey through allegorical scenes, inspired by his personal experiences, his memories, and nourished by his imagination.

Year of release: 2023
Nationality: France
Edition: 500 Units