Grog Buff Proof Ink Refill 200ml


SKU: Grog Buff Proof Ink black

BUFF PROOF INK 200 is the product from which everything started, the very first one ever released from the GROG headquarters. Supplied in a shockproof plastic bottle, is the top choice for refilling the whole range of GROG Fuchsia Label markers.
BUFF PROOF INK 200 comes filled with 200 ml of a highly permanent alcohol-based dye ink. Developed for SQUEEZER markers, this ink is good for refilling CUTTER markers too, thanks to its superb balance between viscosity and flow. Ideal for indoor sessions, is made for writing on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Fill it up to the brim and get back to getting up!

New Formula:
Increased UV Resistance
Enhanced Surface Adhesion
Improved Color Opacity