MTN Alien


A low pressure, satin finish paint developed for artistic work. Its 250 ml format and Pro Cap provide greater precision, make it an extremely manageable spray paint to use. In addition, its valve characteristics and paint viscosity make it ideal for working on details and achieving skinny lines.

A spray paint from another planet. In 2002, Montana Colors released the MTN Alien as a new concept spray paint. Graffiti artists became more and more demanding with their artistic results and in turn, required more a precision spray paint. Thus, Alien was born with a series of features that led it to becoming the most manageable spray paint on the market.

Over time, many of these features were incorporated into the MTN 94 cans. That’s why today, MTN Alien is only available in the most frequently used colors: black and white, the two colors where its features are truly appreciated.


  • 2 Colors
  • Satin Finish
  • 250 ml