MTN WB RV-225 Blue Violet 400ml


SKU: MTN WB 400ml RV 225 Blue Violet

MTN Water Based 400 is a revolutionary water-based paint spray. Its handy 400 ml format and its low odor, make it the perfect tool for studio or indoor work. In addition and due to its composition, it is an incredibly versatile paint that may be utilized with various techniques.


Much more than a studio tool. A paint with properties similar to those of MTN 94 in terms of finish, coverage and dry time, are presented in a water-based version and packaged in a slightly smaller format which makes it convenient for meticulous work and for storage. Its low solvent content means the intensity of its scent is minimal, thus decreasing its impact in enclosed spaces, making MTN Water Based 300 the perfect product for interior decoration or in spaces with little ventilation. In addition, before it’s completely dry, the paint can be erased with water or reworked with other techniques such as using a wet paint brush.

Point and shoot. Shake the aerosol vigorously until you hear the sound of the mixing ball. Spray onto a previously cleaned surface that you wish to paint.
Turn the can upside down and spray until the paint ceases to be released, thus avoiding the cap to become clogged, and making it possible for it to be reused.
Allow for a few minutes of dry time between each coat.
Water Based 400 makes it possible to paint lines of varying widths, ranging from 1 cm (PRO Cap) up to 10 cm (with the Hardcore Fat Cap). Practicing will help you to improve this difference in line width.

Be water, my friend. MTN Water Based was born in 2014, inaugurating a new era and taking a step forward towards a generation of aerosols that are more innocuous to the senses. Specifically designed for doing art and studio work, the graffiti community saw the advantages in a practically odorless aerosol paint that’s valid for all types of interventions which require minimum olfactory impact.

Water as the origin and central axis. A name that sounds as generic as Water Based drives home the pioneering nature of this product: the first water-based aerosol on the market. Its simple logo makes reference to the paint’s unique characteristic - that it can be diluted and reworked with water after it’s applied.

To reaffirm the link with the Fine Arts world and to make it easier to be used in that context, the MTN Water Based 400 color chart utilizes the classic nomenclatures used in fine arts paints. And, if that wasn’t enough, the label also displays its color equivalent in different chromatic options like Pantone, RGB and CMYK, as well as other technical information such as the opacity level, U.V. resistance and the pigment code it utilizes.

The cornerstone in a family of products. MTN Water Based 400 is the flagship product of the Water Based range; a family of creative tools by Montana Colors that includes markers and paints with the same composition, specifically designed to complement one another.


Polyurethane paint (PU)
400 ml
91 colors + 2 varnishes
Matt finish