MTN Street Marker - Paint 10mm


SKU: Street Marker - Paint 10 - black

The MTN Street Marker - Paint 10 is a round tip marker with a diameter of 10 mm, filled with very opaque paint. Available in two colors: black and silver. This is a valid writing tool for both graffiti and any artistic work where consistent line work is required.

Its valve system allows for excellent paint flow control and helps to avoid overflowing and spills.
Its simple, easy to use design, allows you to open the marker for refilling and changing the tip if necessary. 

Instructions for use:
  1. Before use, shake the marker vigorously (with the cap on) so that the mixer balls mix the paint.
  2. Purge the tip on a surface several times until it is wet with paint.
  3. After use, remember to store it with the cap on.