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Wild style limited editions

J.H. KramerDec 4, '23

Wild Style is one of the seminal early 80's hip-hop films. Produced by Charlie Ahearn in 1982 and formally released to theaters in 1983, Wild Style is regarded as the FIRST hip-hop movie. The film featured seminal figures & legends from early 80's New York hip-hop and graffiti scene such as: Fab Five Freddy, The Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Lee Quinones, Lady Pink, Zephyr, Queen Lisa Lee of Zulu Nation, Patti Astor, the Rock Steady Crew, the Pop-O-Matics, The Cold Crush Brothers, Fantastic Romantic 5, Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, Grand Mixer DXT, Rammellzee, Double Trouble, & Kool Moe Dee. While the content was hip-hop focused, the creative visuals were contributed by a who's who of OG classic NYC graffiti writers such as: Lee Quinones, Dondi White, Zephyr, Dr. Revolt, Sharp, Jane Dickson, Chris “Daze” Ellis, Johnny “Crash” Matos,and Noc 167. The film catapulted the global cultural exchange of music, dance & art over the following 3 decades, showcasing hip-hop and to some extent graffiti culture in its purest form. Wild Style is perhaps one of the most influential bodies of work to provide a window into the underground culture of early 80's New York City and the now infamous subway and pop art scene

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