Featured artist - Sapo

Henk KramerFeb 22, '21

Sapo has  been fascinated by graffiti and breakin` since the first time  he saw the music video `Hey You` from the Rock Steady Crew. As a kid living in the countryside away from other kids and without cable television his sister, little brother and himself did a lot of drawing."When I went...

History - How we joined the Montana family

Henk KramerJan 19, '21

Until recently, the guys behind Montana Colors never shared much about how the brands origins.   They launched the “We Were There” series so you can learn all about the rich history and how they got their place in the graffiti community. 1995 – Trans-Europe Export Also tells a bit more about how...

Featured artist - Streetart Frankey

Henk KramerJan 6, '21

Frankey, aka Streetart Frankey, aka Frank de Ruwe, is known for his urban interventions that can be seen every week in Het Parool. His work has been shown at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and various exhibitions in the United States (including Wall Art Gallery, NY), Germany and the Netherlands.

Featured writer - Zender

Henk KramerDec 11, '20

In the late 1980s, when Amsterdam was still a punk city, Zender became obsessed with graffiti at the age of thirteen and has been writing ever since.