Order customized jackets and sneakers from Swase at Henxs Henxs

Order customized jackets and sneakers from Swase at Henxs

Henk KramerNov 24, '20

Patrick de Kaste aka Swase in the graffiti scene. Patrick is well into his 40's and has been involved with graffiti for many years. Born in Veenendaal, then moved to Amsterdam when he was 19 and lived there until he was 35. Currently living in Den Bosch.

In recent years he has organized the Kings of Colors festival in Den Bosch, also known for the grain silos, huge graffiti walls and a diversity of programming.

For Patrick graffiti is a way of living, he started with it in the eighties when he was about 12 years old. "For me it was a bomb that hit me when I first saw this, I immediately thought, I want to do this too. In the years that I lived in Amsterdam I learned a lot about graffiti and I became more and more active, not only with graffiti but also in making paintings and drawings."

"Thanks to graffiti, I came into contact with many artists and soon I realized that this is the world I belong to. The diversity of styles, use of colors, characters, background, the size of the walls and the people you paint withl. Graffiti is a mental thing, you want to get better, do more, have more and more fame. Graffiti has brought many beautiful things into my life and I hope it will not stop for a long time."

Custom your fashion
"In the 80s / 90s people walked around wearing jackets with graffiti on them, one coat was even more crazy than the other. I have taken this up again recently and it is super cool to do it again. This is also the reason why me and Henxs think this should reappear in the street scene

customized jacket swase

From now on it is possible to custom order these jackets at Henxs, how dope is that, your name in graffiti style on your jacket.If you prefer to have your sneakers customized instead of a jacket, that's also possible. So let's give the street scene more color and style, pimp this stuff."

Want to order a customized jacket or pair of sneakers? Drop us an email at info@henxs.com

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