The first adjustable cap by Montana Colors! Henxs

The first adjustable cap by Montana Colors!

Matthijs van der MeulenMay 19, '23
As a response to the demands of the professional sector, we present the Variator Cap, an adjustable transversal stroke nozzle that combines two technologies:

Its stroke imitates that of a paint gun, but it also includes a red tab that allows
you to adjust its thickness between 4 and 9 cm.

Thus, this innovative diffuser synthesizes the Transversal Varnish Cap
and the Transversal Fat Cap in a single piece, hence being specially
designed for uses such as ...

· Painting of car bodies
· Painting of elements with paints or products that require several thin layers
· Varnishing of surfaces

What is more, it is sure to become a tool for experimentation
in the world of graffiti.

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