Henxs shirt by Sender

J.H. KramerMay 10, '24

We collaborated with one of our favorite artists on the planet and all around nice guy: Sender. Check out the highly limited Henxs T-shirt we made, don't miss out! to learn more about Sender and his work, check out this blog item.Follow Sender on InstaCheck out his work on his website 

Satr Limited edition

J.H. KramerApr 22, '24

Satr lives and works in Guangzhou and has been involved in street art since 2013. Her technique of using spray paint atomization to create unique contours and shapes, makes the animals in her paintings appear to be extremely dynamic with a smoky quality to their edges. She experiments with and...

New: MTN Starter packs

J.H. KramerFeb 27, '24

Discover our MTN Starterpacks: The perfect gift for every graffiti enthusiast!We think we found the perfect balance between quality and affordability, a nice little price can make all the difference. MTN Hardcore packMTN 94 packMTN Happy together pack

NEW: MTN Water based 400ml

J.H. KramerFeb 26, '24

WATER BASED 400  Our commitment is growing.  As the low-impact aerosol line, the Water Based 400 is leading the future of spray painting in the direction of sustainability in this type of tool. Its new format also responds to the needs of our public and their evolution. Optimized operation.  The...