Sender wishes you happy holidays

J.H. KramerDec 20, '21

Sender, Montana Colors and Team Henxs wish you all happy holidays!      

Featured artist - Laser 3.14

J.H. KramerSep 28, '21

Creating poetry on the street for over 15 years, Laser 3.14’s name is inseparable from any conversation about Amsterdam and urban art. As the city’s most prolific street artist he shares his distinctive work of visual poetry both outside amongst the canals of Amsterdam and in many of the city's...

Featured artist - Frank Hollywood

J.H. KramerJun 13, '21

Frank Hollywood is an esteemed Dutch contemporary artist. Frank studied at the St. Joost academy of art in Breda, the Netherlands, where he early on sought out the boundaries of autonomous and commercial art. His works explore the tensions between the past, present and future. Not interested in simply reimagining the past, Frank...

Featured artist - Oustem One

J.H. KramerMay 21, '211 comment

Oustem One has been writing graffiti since the early eighties and never looked back. We spoke to him about the early days, who influenced him and what keeps him going after all these years.