History - How we joined the Montana family Henxs

History - How we joined the Montana family

Henk KramerJan 19, '21
Until recently, the guys behind Montana Colors never shared much about how the brands origins.   They launched the “We Were There” series so you can learn all about the rich history and how they got their place in the graffiti community.

1995 – Trans-Europe Export Also tells a bit more about how we got involved. 

"Lucerne and Edinburgh in Scotland were the first cities to receive a formal export of Montana paint, through the Swiss writers Bruno Corral and José Navarro and the Scotsmen Adam Yowell and Chris Young. Soon after, orders came in from every other European country where graffiti had been established, thanks to writers’ relationships with their local scenes or shops that could move it on. Henxs Shop in Amsterdam is a great example. This pioneering store, run by Henk Kramer, started out as a market stall selling spray paint, and in 1996, began selling Montana products, establishing itself as one of the first stores outside of Spain that carried the brand. That same year, distributors began to spring up that would serve larger territories and supply several cities simultaneously."

Check out the original post on the Monana Colors website to learn more. 

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